ARN 2014  
The ARN 2013 Revenue Conference & Exhibition drew more than 850 attendees. In addition to the numerous networking opportunities between current and prospective partners and airport decision makers, the show featured thought-provoking speakers providing insight into current and future trends in food, retail and travel.

“2013 was a very exciting year for Delaware North at the Airport Revenue News conference. We launched our new Taking Off with the Hungry Traveler magazine and webisode series, and held an unveiling cocktail party at the stunning Chihuly glass art gallery at the Aria. We could not have pulled off our event without the help of the ARN staff. The conference was a busy and productive one for my entire team, and we look forward to 2014.”
– Matt King, president, Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services

“Once again, another great conference! The lineup of exhibitors was excellent and the speakers were very engaging and insightful. It was a great opportunity to get reacquainted with old colleagues and business partners and to also meet new ones. The venue was top notch. Thanks again to the ARN staff for providing outstanding hospitality and for maintaining the tradition of excellence that they are known for. There should be an ARN award for ARN.”
– John Reeb, senior principal property manager, San Francisco International

“ARN provided Seattle with a great opportunity to present our program and its future to a large number of relevant industry players. Those kinds of opportunities are unique, and ARN provides them.”
– Deanna Zachrisson, manager of concessions business, Seattle-Tacoma International

“Exhibiting at the ARN conference has been a tremendous win for Pinkberry. The networking opportunities and brand exposure have contributed to us achieving [requests for proposals] with our franchise partners each year. We have also formed successful relationships with new concessionaires and suppliers. I can’t think of a more advantageous and rewarding event and greatly look forward to it each year!”
– Julie Price, manager of franchise development, Pinkberry

“Every year, we look forward to networking with concessionaires and our peers on the latest opportunities and trends. This year, we once again were able to solidify old and build new relationships. ARN continues to be a great gathering place for the concessions industry.”
– Zenola Campbell, vice president of concessions, Dallas/Fort Worth International

“The 2013 ARN conference was the perfect networking event for our industry. With all of the upcoming opportunities, this was an excellent chance to get in front of the key decision-makers and start building or continuing to build the relationships needed to be successful in this highly competitive industry. We had an extremely productive conference and can’t wait for next year! Thank you to the ARN staff for putting on a great conference!”
– Chris James, business development director, LaTrelle’s Management Corp.

“For us, for many years, we had just one or two partners we worked with. We didn’t really have to have a presence at these conferences because they did all that. As time evolved, we really decided that this is an important part of our growth and we wanted to start to be a bigger part of that community, the airport community. There is no better place to be than the Airport Revenue News conference because you get to meet all of the best professionals in the industry, you get to learn new ideas, you get to hear how other people are dealing with things, you get to share ideas. So it’s a really good focal point for us to be able to solidify our strategy and to understand better what our customers want, meaning in our partners at the airports, and really just grow from there, so it helps us fulfill our strategic plan, as well.”
– Joe Essa, president, Wolfgang Puck Worldwide Inc.

“The ARN team did a great job presenting an agenda of interesting, thought-provoking discussions while providing plenty of time for networking, deal making and partying. Even with the distractions of Vegas, the sheer size of the hotel and the less intimate exhibit hall layout, the true value of the ARN conference is that it brings everyone in the airport concession industry to one location to focus on success and growth.”
– Michael Levine, CEO and COO, Tastes On The Fly

“The airport industry can be very challenging to penetrate and succeed at, and as an [Airport Concessionaire Disadvantaged Business Enterprise], it can be even more demanding. This conference offered key information for my company in several areas ranging from the most rudimentary to the more complex. Being able to access decision-makers from all areas of the industry, be it airport executives, national and global primes, entrepreneurs, starter brands, and hear directly from them what the trends and directions are for the industry is simply unmatched.”
– Peter Amaro Jr., CEO, Master ConcessionAir

“Congratulations to Ramon and the entire ARN team on another successful conference. The conference was extremely well-executed and -planned, with fantastic speakers and the best of the best in the industry. It was a great opportunity to network with industry colleagues and strengthen existing relationships. NewsLink looks forward to participating again next year.”
– Raymond Kayal Jr., president, NewsLink Group

“It’s obvious to us to work with the people who are involved in airport catering, in airport management, in the overall picture of what the airport is going to look like 10 years from now, so to me it really is an exciting experience to be here, to meet many different people from many different sides of the business, because at the end of the day it is a business. Everybody wants to make money. The airports want to make money. We have to make money. Our partners want to make money. … I think it’s a great experience to meet so many people, to have the opportunity to be in one place and meet so many different people from different places. I think it’s a great conference and I really believe that airports have become such a destination for everybody not just to fly but to shop and to eat, so I think it’s important to be here.”
– Wolfgang Puck

“I appreciate the expert speakers that the conference provided, especially the knowledge base of what is impacting aviation on a global level.”
– Shelby Scales, executive director, Airport Minority Advisory Council

“Once again, ARN delivered a well-organized conference where oppor-tunities are endless. If you want to network and learn from the best airports and concessionaires in the industry, this conference is a must.”
– Leah Older, director of business innovations, Denver International

“I find the ARN revenue conference one of the best-orchestrated conferences to attend. The exhibition hall and schmooze sessions provide numerous opportunities to meet with new, up-and-coming concession operators. The large attendance is always good for catching up with industry peers and current business partners.”
– Archie Carper, retail operations manager, Indianapolis International

“I thought that this year’s conference was a success and certainly one of ARN’s better events. It was well-attended and had high-quality industry participation. The Las Vegas venue contributed significantly to making it both a productive conference and one where the participants could have a little fun with friends and colleagues along the way. Congratulations!”
– Mark Knight, president, AIRMALL USA

“Having attended every ARN conference since the first, the most recent one in Las Vegas was absolutely wonderful and did not skip a beat given the new leadership in place. It was assuring to see all the familiar faces and to be able to network with the top minds in the industry and I am glad to be a part of it. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, this ‘must attend’ event again proved itself as the eminent airport conference for all of us in the aviation industry. I am already looking forward to next year in Orlando and commend everyone at ARN for making the conference such a valuable and highly anticipated event.”
– Ben Rababy, vice president, United Concessions Group

“The ARN conference is one of the best networking and relationship-building opportunities of the year. This year, the exhibit hall was bigger and better than ever. Also, winning an award this year is very special for the entire Stellar team.”
– Susan Stackhouse, CEO, Stellar Partners Inc.

“I feel like airports are becoming larger, there are more people traveling, they are certainly very much part of our lives and communities, and we’re spending more time in them. … It is my first time at an ARN conference. At any conference where you can bang heads with people, see something new you haven’t seen, any kind of chatter that you can have, any kind of intellectual swapping if you will, you can get ideas that help you progress and you don’t stay stuck in your ways. … I think I got a couple new restaurant deals, No. 1. I just was on the way in and got a couple offers to do other things, so that’s a good start, and certainly I think as now there’s more terminals being built, larger airports, and more meat of what we’re doing and more concepts, the demand is growing and a conference like this pushes it forward. I absolutely see myself coming back to a future ARN conference.”
– Todd English

“There was a mix of intrigue and anticipation ahead of the conference under new leadership, yet it exceeded expectations, which is a testament to the planning and implementation from all those involved during a transitional year. The sessions were well-executed thanks to the excellent range of speakers and moderators. Will Ramon have his own TV chat show soon?”
– Roderick McOwan, senior vice president of business development, Marshall Retail Group

“The 2013 ARN conference was very fulfilling this year! The conference was extremely well-attended and well-organized. It gave me the opportunity to maximize my time networking with several people within the industry. The exhibitors had great visual setups and were engaging. The sessions were full of good content. My favorite was the food trends session with Wolfgang Puck, Todd English and Richard Melman. I really enjoyed meeting many new people and catching up with existing friends, brands, landlords and partners. I am already looking forward to an exciting 2014 conference!”
– LeMonica Hakeem, director of strategic initiatives, Concessions International